These core values have been co-created by & through all Indochina Travel Package team members and inspired by our common goals. These values play as the backbone of Indochina Voyages spirit and practice and we will keep them live every day.

We are honest with ourselves and others, do the right things and complete what we commit to doing. We follow established policies, acknowledge any mistake and fix it. We keep our promises in order to build individual credibility – as well as the reputation of our organization.

We offer a reliable and quality product and deliver it. We will be consistent, from our first impression to the final delivery and will provide a truly valuable experience that is worth every penny you spend with us.

We emphasize trust among our team – so that each member is helpful and supportive of one another. Working individually we cannot reach our common goals, only as a team can we succeed. We know how to share the difficulties, enjoy success together, and always show up with a positive attitude. We are committed and accountable for positive results. We seek to make our work inspirational and to establish an active company culture.

Each work assignment we perform is governed by a well-built procedure. We strive to improve ourselves every day to provide the highest level of services and professional behavior to our clients, suppliers, partners and team members. We put a positive attitude to our work, and a positive discipline for ourselves, in all kinds of relationships.

We keep an open mind and listen well to our clients, partners, suppliers, team members. We respect each other’s values and strive to maximize those individual values. That’s how we broaden our diversity and enrich our minds to be able to provide the highest level of flexibility in dealing with clients, suppliers and our team members.

Vietnam Tour Offers Indochina Travel Package offers authentic travel packages to Vietnam. Our tours include guided tours, private tours, school trips, and custom-designed itineraries. Vietnam offers diverse transportation options, including domestic flights, trains, buses and private transfer in Vietnam Vietnam Tour Packages cover all major tourist destination in North, Central, and South Vietnam. Private tour, group tour, customized tour plan.

Deep Insight Vietnam Package 18 days Vietnam Cambodia Tours

Deep Insight Vietnam Package 18 days

11 days 10 nights

Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Halong Bay - Siem Reap - Phnom Penh

From $1,102

Vietnam Tour Packages Vietnam classic tours offer a glimpse into the rich history and cultural heritage of the country and most suitable for your travel schedule Indochina Travel Package offers authentic travel packages to Vietnam. Our tours include guided tours, private tours, school trips, and custom-designed itineraries.

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Indochina Travel Package is a leading international travel agency based in Southeast Asia. We have operated thousands of journeys to 5 destinations each year: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & Myanmar, and our knowledgeable and well-trained staff will help you create the best custom travel package within your budget and develop your own unique itinerary.

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